Budget should look beyond roads…

Joe Hockey’s budget that will be released tonight has been the talk and speculation on almost all Australians the past couple of weeks. We can discuss it at depth but one thing is clear, it is going to be heavy on cuts. The attempt of reducing government services in order to maximise savings for the future generation. That’s what the federal government is telling us. However they also mention the budget will be about creating opportunities for employment and their plan is to invest heavily on infrastructure building, but the problem here is that the Coalition aren’t thinking beyond roads. There will be several big budget announcements regarding major road and tunnel projects across Australia but is this the right approach?

This piece on The Conversation goes into depth about where the federal government should be looking in regards to investing in infrastructure. I can understand the need to invest in roads but sacrificing investment in crucial public transport projects to build bigger roads and tunnels is very short sighted planning. One only needs to look at our major ally, the United States to see how that approach has resulted in.


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