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How to build a better neighbourhood?

“At the most basic level, the act of advocating for change, questioning regulations, finding funding and mobilising others to contribute their voices engages communities – and in engaging, leaves these communities better for it.”


The World Bank published and made available this book¬†“Transforming Cities with Transit” which explores the complex process of transit and land-use integration in rapidly growing cities¬†in developing countries. As one of the most promising strategies for advancing environmental sustainability, economic competitiveness, and socially inclusive development in fast-growing cities, transit and land-use integration is increasingly being embraced by policy-makers at all levels of government. Happy reading!

This is a great article on the Guardian website which looks at the motorbike habit of Kathmandu residents and whether or not cycling has a place in the rapidly growing city.

One of the main problems to overcome is the issue of status. Cycling is seen as an inferior mode of transport, even lower than public transport which already suffers from a negative stigma. Recently there have been groups forming to encourage people to ditch motorbikes and shift to bicycles however these groups are in the minority and are facing the tough task of convincing the government and it’s people that change is needed quickly if Kathmandu is serious about tackling the growing issue of air pollution.

You can read more in the article published by the Guardian:

Developed by Uni Freiburg, this neat tracker client displays the movement of transit data published by various transit agencies across the world including our very own TransLink in Brisbane, Australia. Where real-time data is not available the client uses data based on static schedules.

To view the Brisbane feed, click on “All Feeds” up the top and select Brisbane and zooms into the city. You can fast forward or follow in normal speed according to the timeline.

This proposed light rail network through the Sydney CBD and south east areas is quite impressive. Check out the following video. The streets which the light rail operates have become more pedestrianised and also enhances the visual impact of the area. I am not aware of the progress of this proposal but I seriously hope for the people of Sydney that it does go through and in the future I am able to visit Sydney and use this light rail network.