Transit Oriented Development

This proposed light rail network through the Sydney CBD and south east areas is quite impressive. Check out the following video. The streets which the light rail operates have become more pedestrianised and also enhances the visual impact of the area. I am not aware of the progress of this proposal but I seriously hope for the people of Sydney that it does go through and in the future I am able to visit Sydney and use this light rail network.


This First Last Mile Strategic Plan & Planning Guidelines published by LA Metro is exceptional and very interesting.

It has been made available in pdf form for download. Take some time to have a read.

The following series of pictures shows the type of analysis undertaken into a wide range of factors as part of smart transit design.

This article looks at the importance of running “true” bus rapid transit systems through city centres (known as downtown in North America). The lack of space seems to be the contentious issue with running a BRT through busy city centres where the unwillingness of decision makers by playing politics. Politicians and transit authorities are basically adopting an easy way out by stating there’s no space when the actual fact is, the space exists but there’s unwillingness to take the space away from cars.