For those living in Brisbane, we have one of these already, which links Dutton Park to the UQ St Lucia campus. We definitely need more of these “green” river crossings in Brisbane, as it is a river city and has a great impact on cyclists and pedestrians wanting to get from one side of town. A lack of river crossings forces many people to use a car to drive around the long way, who would otherwise walk or cycle across a green bridge.

This is another example of a green bridge in Portland which is fantastic to see.


I came across this earlier today and thought it would be worthwhile sharing it on my blog, for my readers and also as a reference for my project work.

You can download the full report at this page which also includes some background information and a brief summary of the report itself:

Happy reading and have a great weekend.

This First Last Mile Strategic Plan & Planning Guidelines published by LA Metro is exceptional and very interesting.

It has been made available in pdf form for download. Take some time to have a read.

The following series of pictures shows the type of analysis undertaken into a wide range of factors as part of smart transit design.